Concrete Curtains with 3D Formwork

Conglomerate explores the design of an interior dividing wall in concrete. Through the use of 3D printed formwork, it is possible to customize the structural capabilities as well as the transparency and surface articulation of the wall. Light shafts are directly printed inside the formwork, allowing the structure to be permeable to light. The surface articulation is defined by a custom-made noise algorithm which also generates the lighting pattern. The aim of 3D printed formworks in PLA is to expand the potential of concrete for free-form architecture. The unconstrained fabrication/geometric freedom of the formwork is inherited by the concrete components which rely on fiber-reinforcement to maximize their load-bearing capacity.

Collaborator_  Alexander Enz, Ioanna Mitroupolou

Advisors_  Andrei Jipa, Matthias Leschok

Photo_ Tom Mundy