I am professional Computational designer and Digital fabrication expert


I am an architect and computational designer, previously research assistant at the chair of Digital Building Technologies (DBT), Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) of ETH Zurich. 

My main interest lies on the field of advanced computational modeling, robotic/digital fabrication, emergent technologies and material innovation, with applications in the field of architecture and design. My main work focuses around complex geometries, data-driven design and digital fabrication processes, with a particular focus on additive manufacturing.

Currently doing research and development for different companies,  working on Mesh unroll, subdivision and discretization, development of fabrication processes for CNC and wood elements, researching on design methodologies and tools for both additive and subtractive manufacturing.


  • Computational Designer/Digital  Fabrication Expert, MATEREA, Milano, 2020-current
  • Architect / Computational Designer, Wood-Skin, Milano, 2020-current
  • Researcher at DBT, Digital Building Technologies, ITA ETH, Zurich, 2017-2019
  • Assistant at NCCR ITA ETH, Zurich, 2017-2018
  • Noumena, Barcelona, 2016-2017
  • A+C Architetti , Milano, Summer 2015
  • Norconsult, Oslo, 2015
  • Studio Santagostino, Milano, 2013
  • Studio Cocozza, Milano, 2012


  • MAS Master of Advanced Studies, Digital fabrication and Architecture, ETHZ, ZURICH, 2017 – 2018
  • MArch, AHO Oslo school of Architecture, OSLO, 2014-2017 (Master Thesis on , Enconded Ecologied of the Venetian Lagoon, A data-driven multi scalar computational approach for dynamic environments)
  • IAAC Global Summer School, IAAC , BARCELONA, 2016
  • MArch Exchange Studies, UPC ETSAB, BARCELONA, 2015
  • BArch in Science of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, MILANO, 2011-2014 ( Bach. Thesis on , Pedestrian and Bycicle infrastructure in Copenhagen, Towards 2025)


  • MInDS 21|22 Embedded Architectures, Tutoring with Prof.Michael  Hensel, Prof. Defne Sunguroglu Hensel, Filippo Oppimitti
  • Atelier Robotics at Norman Foster Foundation, supporting 3D printing processes for building skins made of recycled plastic, 2019
  • Oslo Convergence, Prize for best Oslo research Project, (Kunnskap Oslo, best Oslo-forskning), Oslo municipality, 2017  
  • Fremragende bruk av datagrafikk  | Excellence in computer graphics, Graphisoft, Oslo Convergence Project 2016


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